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A detailed whitepaper will be available soon. You will find an overview on how Libre Bazaar works on this page and any questions you might have can be asked on the forums. In the meantime you can sign up for the mailing list and you'll receive an email when the whitepaper has released.

Libre Bazaar

A Decentralized Anonymous Marketplace

What Happens In The Bazaar, Stays In The Bazaar

Core Features

User Friendly

Blockchain technology doesn't needs to be complicated. Libre Bazaar will be accessible through a standalone open-source application.


Decrentralized blockchain and data storage network coupled with anonymous peer-to-peer network routing for a private and secured platform.

Community Driven

No centralized servers or authorities that controls the Bazaar. Consensus based algorithms will handle all administrative decisions.

How Libre Bazaar Works

Key Components

Open-source Application

Users will use an intuitive open source application to access the bazaar that will be available for both desktop (Windows, Linux and macOS) and mobile (Android and iOS).


Libre Bazaar will use its own Librenet Blockchain to maintain anonymous record of all financial and non-financial transactions that have been processed in the marketplace.

Data Storage Network

All media content for the marketplace including images, video and audio of products and users will be stored in Librenet Data Storage Network that will be separate from the blockchain.

Libre Coins (LBR)

Libre Coins are the currency of the bazaar. All buying and selling will be through Libre Coins that will also be used to retrieve market listing fees and sales commission from vendors.

Anonymity Network

Blockchain connectivity amongst peers will be through an anonymizing overlay network. Libre Bazaar application will use I2P anonymous network for all communications amongst participants.

Consensus Algorithm

Libre Bazaar will entirely be community driven through a consensus algorithm that uses user reviews and flagging to either promote or demote / remove products from the platform.

Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step


Staying true to the ideology of a simple and streamlined platform that is accessible to the masses, Libre Bazaar has a simplified road map for development and release of the application to public. Progress regarding planned timelines will be communicated to all community members, developers and contributors at least on a forthnightly basis who have joined the project team either by signing up for our newsletter or participating in pre-ICO or crowdsale.

  • Q4, 2017


    Community building campaign will be started to raise awareness for the project and white paper will be released to public. Pre-ICO will be conducted and Libre Tokens (ERC-20) released to all contributors. Development for front-end of desktop application will be started.

  • Q1 - Q2, 2018


    Crowdsale will be conducted for distribution of Libre Tokens to participants and tokens will be open for trading. Development of Librenet will be started. Front-end of Libre Bazaar application will be available for a community preview over a testnet.

  • Q3, 2018


    Development of Librenet will be completed and the desktop application will be integrated with Librenet and I2P anonymous network. Bug bounty campaign will be started and Libre Bazaar Beta will be released to public.

  • Q4, 2018


    Development of Android and iOS applications will be completed and beta versions of the applications available on Google Play and App Store. Bug bounty campaign will continue for all desktop and mobile versions of the application.

  • Q4, 2018+


    Major updates will be pushed for both desktop and mobile versions of applications and release of their final builds. Community building campaigns will continue.

Frequently Asked Questions
Libre Bazaar is a Decentralized Anonymous Marketplace (DAM) that allows buyers and merchants to buy / sell items without involving a centralized third party. Since all data related to the marketplace is hosted on Librenet, merchants are not required to host their items at a centralized third party or host them on their own servers that can be targeted / compromised in case of both a centralized client-server architecture or decentralized peer to peer network.
Librenet is a combination of a blockchain and a data storage network. Blockchain is used to maintain a record of all financial and non-financial transactions that have been processed in the marketplace and data storage network is used to store all media content including images, video and audio pertaining to products and users in the marketplace.
All marketplace activities are recorded in the Librenet blockchain and data storage network anonymously. Transaction history, sell / purchase history and messages exchanged between buyers and sellers will be cryptographically secured and only accessible to the parties involved in a transaction. No data for a financial / non-financial transaction that can be traced back to originator of a transaction will be recorded in the blockchain and all data will be replicated in the network to mask the originator of a transaction. All communications amongst Librenet nodes will be through I2P anonymous network.
A whitepaper will be available sometime in November 2017. In the meantime you can find details on how Libre Bazaar works on this page and any questions you might have can be asked on the forums. You can also sign up for the mailing list and you'll receive an email when the whitepaper has released.
Libre Coins (LBC) are the currency of the marketplace that will be used for all buying / selling activities. Libre Tokens (LBT) are ERC-20 compatible tokens that will be issued to participants during airdrop campaign, pre-ICO and crowdsale. All LBT will be exchanged for LBC at a 1:1 ratio after Librenet blockchain is online.
Out of the total supply of 19,000,000 LBT, 60% are available for purchase during crowdfunding and pre-ICO phase, 30% have been reserved for the airdrop campaign and 10% have been reserved for Libre Core Team.
Pre-ICO has been planned and will be held in later half of Fall 2017. Exact dates will be announced soon.
Anyone can contribute during the pre-ICO. Whitelisted participants will be given guranteed entry in the pre-ICO. You will have to apply on or before October 31, 2017 to be added to the whitelist.
Libre Bazaar fundraiser has been planned in first half of Spring 2018.
Libre Core Team is handling the project lead, treasury, PR, development lead, security audits and public website for Libre Bazaar. While Libre Bazaar project is completely legal in all jurisdictions, considering the right to privacy it won't be mandatory for the core team or anyone else who is associated with the project to reveal their true identities. Libre Bazaar is an open project and anyone is allowed to participate in all aspects of project management activities that will be transparent for all members and contributors. All funds collected during pre-ICO and fundraisers will be kept in multi-sig wallets to address financial risks.
Anyone can be part of Libre Bazaar project. If you are developer, PR specialist or anyone else who wants to contribute to the project then you can feel free to join the project team. To sign up you simply need to enter your email address here and then select and briefly describe your area of interest / expertise so we could involve you in relevant tasks of the project.
In order to streamline team collaboration for project management tasks Asana ( will be used by project leads, developers, PR specialists and security auditors.

Pre-ICO will start in later half of Fall 2017

Token Symbol LBT
Token Background LBT (Libre Token) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. LBT will be exchanged at a 1:1 ratio for LBC (Libre Coin) when Librenet blockchain is online.
Token Price 1 ETH = 3,800 LBT
Total Supply 19,000,000 LBT
Hard Cap 1,900,000 LBT
Minimum Goal 500,000 LBT
Accepted Cryptocurrencies Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC)
Start Date To be announced
End Date To be announced
Whitelisting Whitelisted participants will be given guaranteed entry in the pre-ICO. Whitelisting will continue till October 31, 2017 12:00 UTC.
Escrow of funds Funds secured in multi-signature escrow account. List of treasurers will be announced prior to pre-ICO.

* Whitelisting will end 31-Oct-17 12:00 UTC